The features

Opt for a modular collaborative platform adapted to all clubs wishing to centralize and secure all their administrative, sports and medical data.

Choose to combine simplicity, efficiency and performance for a structured and optimized management of your club and your athletes.

A mobile application for athletes and staff

Synchronized to the platform and to the data input by the staff and the administration, the mobile application allows the player to enter his fitness condition and to quickly access his personal information.

An internal messaging system allows the player to interact instantly with different groups of people (players, medical staff, secretariat, etc.).

Manage and anticipate

Monitor and organize

Analyze and optimize

  • Performance

    Collection, centralization and analysis of physical performance from raw data. Visualization through a simplified dashboard.

  • Statistics

    Analysis of individual and group data. Training sessions and competition statistics.

  • Analytics

    Import of video files to share analysis with other staff members. Possibility to have the competitions analyzed by our experts.