The collaborative platform
for professional clubs

Created in 2015 with experts in physical training, the My Coach Pro platform was initially dedicated to the optimisation of athletic performance. It has since evolved throughout collaborations with the greatest clubs, academies and national teams. Now a highly comprehensive data centralisation platform, it answers the needs of all the components of a club: from the sportive cell to the administrative bodies, through the player around which the platform revolves.

Its design, responsive regarding the clubs' needs, integrates various modules of management, analysis and information sharing. The data cross-checking enriches the Player's Passport" and promotes a transversal approach of professions. The mobile application, available on both Android and iOS, represents an essential bridge of communication between the player and the staff.



for the technical staff

My Coach Pro allows organizing the group’s daily life. One single database allowing the staff to apprehend the player's overall form. Workload, player's perception, GPS data, video analysis, medical follow-up, physical and athletical testing: all the data is centralized and cross-linked. This new approach on performance builds an essential assistance to decision for the staff and fosters performance optimization for players (adaptation of individual workload and reduction of injury risk).

A communication


for the players

The mobile application is the player's preferred assistant. Synchronised to the platform and the data entered by the staff and administration, it first and foremost allows him to enter his answers to the form questionnaires. He can also consult his schedule, his press review, the video analysis of his games if his club has subscribed to the Analytics module. An internal messaging service allows him to exchange instantly with different groups of persons (other players, medical staff, administration...). A modern and simple to use communication tool.

A general


for the administrative body

The administrative body benefits from a genuine CRM with the My Coach Pro platform. The board, the communication department and the administration can access to a general overview of all of the club's licensees, with all the information relative to their profile. All the administrative documents are centralised and archived to ease internal processes. Players' schedules are shared and can be updated by the different users according to their needs (administrative appointment, press duty...). Academies for their part benefit from a complete vision of the players' lodging and education.