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True added value to the platform, the mobile application (available on Android and iOS) allows the player to enter his form and access rapidly to his personnal information.

  • Input of answers to the form questionnaires (RPE)
  • Calendar, planning of training sessions and medical treatment of player
  • Internal messaging with different staff members (technical, medical, administration) through the creation of personalised group messages
  • Statistical analysis and individual videos of games
  • Press review and social network watch related to the player's news thanks to the QWANT browser

Modern and easy to use, the application is a true tool of communication between staff and players.


The "Players" module will allow the staff to access to a certain amount of essential information in order to organise the training sessions.

  • Global information on each member of the team (picture, name, position, squad, form, associated group, height, weight, strong foot, statistics...)
  • Creation of groups of work in order to organise the trainings
  • Search filters by team, position or group
  • Individual player profiles and visulisation of information case by case
  • Physical form in real time (workload, perception, results to physical, athletic and medical tests)

The player is at the center of the tracking and analysis process. This module eases in that way a transversal approach of all the data that enriches the "Player's passport"


The "Trainings" module will allow the technical staff to planify the training sessions with the possibility to filter by team, group, position or physical status. It also allows to rely on reliable data to quantify the workload and adapt the session to each individual, according to the answers to the form questionnaires answered by the players.

  • Planification of trainings and associated information
  • Management of presences and statuses
  • Synchronisation of answers to the form questionaires
  • Import of content related to performance (GPS data, videos of the training session, ...)
  • Library of exercice sheets
  • Display of 3D animated exercice sheets

This module represents a true assistant in a staff's decision-making. It fosters the optimisation of performance through a personnalisation of the preparation.


"The "Exercises" module regroups all the club's exercice sheets. This database allows you to seach for an exercice via a search bar (by name or by tag). You can create your own sheets by entering the title, duration, written description, one or mutliple tags and by association a corresponding artwork.


The "Games" module allows de planify all of your team's games by entering the useful information associated such as the location, the time, the type of competition, the opponent, the instructions that you will give to your players as well as the lineup that your have selected.

  • Creation of games, entry of the instructions and lineup
  • Overview of the calendar
  • Synchronisation of answers to the form questionaires after the game
  • Import of GPS data
  • Comments and players' grades entry
  • Comparison of performances
  • Export of the game report in .pdf format

A complete game analysis and automatique storage of the history.


The "Performance" module offers you the possibility to access to an optimised vision of the players' performance. Whether it is medical, paramedical or athletic, you will benefit from a broad monitoring to apprehend the physical form of your players.

  • Entry of results to different tests and associated statistics (weight, height, MAS, % heart recovery, test 5x5, ....)
  • Consultation and modification of players' physical status with a clear vision by color code
  • Addition of medical consultations with precise information entered by the doctor (debut date and estimated date of return, diagnosis, comments)
  • Weekly planning of players in treatment

An intuitive interface and export of files under different formats allowing an optimal readability of indiviual forms.


The "Medical" tab is a major asset for club's doctors. They can establish a detailed monitoring of an injured or recovering player in order to manage injuries and cares in a better way for the entire team. A calendar will allow them to benefit from a clearer vision on the players to treat.

  • List of injured players or the ones in recovery phase
  • Input of player's physical status
  • Add a medical consultation (date and estimated return, diagnosis, location...)
  • RPE alerts


The "Calendar" module offers you an overview of the different sporting and non-sporting imperatives. You will find all the sporting events such as trainings or games, team meetings, training camps... A distinction by color code facilitates the reading of the schedule.

To this is added all the non-sporting duties such as press conferences, communications operations or medical appointments for example.

It is also possible to visualise the personal planning of a player by clicking on his name, in order to find out his availabilites and to plan any appointment in the best way possible.

The player has his own access via the My Coach Pro mobile application, with his detailed calendar. He will receive a notification for each event planned.


The "Statistic" module maps the multiple statistical analysis essential to the management of your squads. A simple and concise reading through the players' perception graphin order to efficiently adapt the workloads. Thanks to the possibility to import your GPS data, you will be able to compare the workload with the RPE and the GPS data on a given period in order to optimise your sessions.


The "Adminstrative" module will map all the required documents pertaining the players. ID, passport, health record, exit permit to leave the country, national social security certificate... all those documents are centralised on your My Coach Pro platform in order to optimise the organisation of your travels, your administrative needs and the management of your teams.

  • General overview of all the licensees
  • Sharing and editing of information
  • Lodging follow-up
  • Import of administrative documents
  • Alerts for expirations dates
  • Lists of internal meetings

This module, a genuine administrative CRM, is much appreciated by clubs and especially academies, which benefit from a comprehensive monitoring of its players.


My Coach Analytics revolutionises the video analysis of games by combining the statistics to the corresponding video sequences. Each play is illustrated by the video. A concise and efficient reading, the product of accurate processing of the game achieved by experts that analyse the game manually for 9 hours.

  • Identification of players by position
  • Cutting of the 22 players' activity
  • Data analysis
  • Geolocalisation of data on the pitch
  • Analysis provided in 24 to 36h

Each Analytics is available via the My Coach Pro platform and can be consulted on any device. Players can also access their personal plays via their mobile application.